It’s yet another rainy day here in New England and I’m actually thankful for it.  It gives me a break from the gardens, lawn, cutting old bushes out and an aching back!

I took the time to do some cooking and made myself 4 quarts of tomato sauce to put up for later use. 

I haven’t spun wool for quite a while and it was a nice break to feel the wool between my fingers and let my mind wander while I spin.  I have no idea as of yet what I will make with this beautiful merino wool but that’s a project for the winter months.  I’ll have plenty of time to think.


I love New England but as they say just wait, the weather will change.  They aren’t kidding!  We’ve had so much rain, every other day.  That meant being a responsible adult and cleaning the house.  So now, I am free.  Done for another week.  It never ceases to amaze me the scads of wool dust that hangs around from hooking and weaving!  Looking at the weather last night more a dreary overcast day with severe thunderstorms was on the docket for today so I had it all planned out to be inside working on a weaving I’m doing on the Navajo loom I built.  I have wound all of my butterflies and I’m ready to sit and play……………..



Wouldn’t you know it, the sun is shining, albeit off and on and it’s cool.  I’m torn between yet again being the responsible adult and yanking weeds that are taking over the garden or listening to the kid in me and staying in to play.

The Nasty Weeds won! at least for the morning.  I will be a happy camper knowing the weeds won’t ruin my afternoon of fun!

I guess that’s it for now.  You can find me in the weeds.









I purchased Merino wool in early winter.  It’s beautiful, natural wool that I enjoyed spinning into a worsted weight.  Then the knitting began.

I finished this sweater up late winter.  It happens to be one of my favorites.  We had such a mild winter here in New England that it didn’t get much use.  The knitting was the easy part.  The difficult stage was getting the leather shoe lace soft enough to lace into the sweater.  It meant soaking it in warm water, stretching and working it with my fingers and softening it with beeswax when it was dry in order for it to lay correctly when worn.